Relaunching in Spring!

Our bush beer is a Braggot / Bracket and are referred to as hybrid beers—part barley-based ale, part honey-based mead. In ye olde Viking times, they were made by mixing the two beverages together; presumably you stirred them into a plundered goblet or a spare Grendel skull you had lying around. A just reward for warriors reaching Valhalla. In modern style types the malt and honey are typically co-fermented. In this product, the honey makes up 63% of fermentable sugar. The !Karri Bush Beer are delicately flavoured with light malts and honey that complement each other. It is a true triumph of balance between the malted barley, the floral qualities of the honey and the fruity notes from the yeast; with any sweetness evened out by a touch of bitter hops and acidity from the fermented honey – This leaves you well prepared to experience the next sip.

ABV: 8.4 %, Volume: 330ml – 30kegs, Sweetness; Dry

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