Indicatør – Glühwein


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This traditional winter beverage is a sweet, mulled mead infused with citrus and various spices that are considered synonymous with glühwein. It pairs magnificently with cold winter evenings around a fire shared with friends. Indicator mead glühwein is the best you will ever taste. All that is required – warm up the mead to invigorate the flavours and create an experience akin to an embrace for your senses.

ABV: 12%, Volume 750 ml, Sweetness, Sweet

Access our complete tasting note below.

Tasting Note


Infused with a beautiful blend of spices, our mead glühwein is perfect for chilly days & evenings.

2 reviews for Indicatør – Glühwein

  1. Colleen Morris

    This warm drink is going down well now in Winter.Lovely blend of spices.

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