Melaurea Mead Methode Traditionnelle



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Melaurea is a traditional dry Mead with a bubbly twist. Produced using honey, water and yeast and the age old Methode Champenoise. Secondary bottle fermented for 12 months. Often compared to the very best, old French Champagne in flavour profile. Distinct rich honey and herbaceous fynbos flavours with a light buttery smokiness and caressing warmth on the palate that comes with passing of time. The bottle fermentation gives beautiful depth on the nose and palate; with fine lingering bubbles adding finesse and subtle aromas. Delectable umami undertones.

Perfect for any celebratory occasion, like weddings and graduation this pairs well with traditional cheese platters, charcuterie and almost any dessert.

ABV: 12 %, Vol: 750 ml, Sweetness: Brut

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Tasting Note


Often compared to the very best French Champagne, this is a traditional dry Mead with a bubbly twist.


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