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Rediscover the World’s oldest
fermented beverage

At The Cape Town Meadery, our mazers blend ancient African traditions with modern twists to rejuvenate the world’s oldest beverage. Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes and rich history of Africa, we craft each batch of mead with precision, passion, and a commitment to sustainability. Dive into a symphony of flavors, where the past meets the present, and every sip tells a story of heritage and innovation.

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Mead: A Journey from Ancient African Origins

The origins of mead can be traced back to the African bush more than 20,000 years ago.

Then, feral bees were well established, elephants roamed the continent and weather patterns were seasonal, as they are today in Africa. Extreme drought conditions during the dry season and torrential rains in the wet season were common.

This weather pattern would eventually cause hollows to rot the crown of the Baobab and Miombo trees, where the elephant had broken branches. During the dry season, the bees would nest in these hollows, and during the wet season the hollows would fill with water. Water, honey, osmotolerant yeast, time and viola – a mead (or !Karri) was born. Early African bushmen and tribes gathered not only honey but also mead, and as successive waves of people left Africa, they took with them some knowledge of mead and mead making.

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With the elegance of a fine wine but the creativity of a craft beer try our different varieties, ranging from our flagship MCC to our Pale Ale Braggot. Book a spot at our next scheduled tasting on Quicket or contact us directly to arrange a private tasting.

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