Mead Shop

Owning a craft meadery goes hand in hand with experimentation and trying new recipes and styles. The Cape Town Meadery is no exception to this rule. Our different style meads fall into two ranges; our !Karri Range and our Reserve Range.

Online sales within SA only. For international orders, please send us an enquiry.


Premium Range

Our premium products turn into something extraordinary over time. Produced in limited numbers these delicious meads have an exceptional taste profile. Our flagship product is derived from the legend of the first meads being the tears of gods (representing wisdom). Melaurea is our company’s contemporary take on our civilisation’s most celebrated and ancient tradition or “Nectar of the Gods”.


Indicatør Range

Introducing IndicatØr pronounced – in.diˈkaː.tor. Inspired by the Greater Honeyguide (Indicator indicator) our new range is dedicated to the tale of a bird that facilitates the rare phenomenon of human and animal mutualism.

This range aims to highlight and personify the creativity and adaptability of the honeyguides. By showcasing the versatile nature of our traditional sweet mead, we present alongside it, a dry and a sharp spicy mead as well as a deliciously spiced Gluhwein.


Gift Vouchers

Spoil a loved one with the experience of a mead tasting at our Meadery and let them discover why mead is the drink of legends!

With the elegance of fine wine but the creativity of craft beer, the voucher holder will taste our different varieties, ranging from our flagship MCC to our Braggot Lager. We even have something for the gin drinker.