Tasting at the Farmhouse

Join us at our Cape Farmhouse and Beer Garden and dive into a world of honeyed wonder.


Tasting at our Meadery

Join us at our Cape Town Meadery and discover why mead is in a catagory of its own.

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Join us at the Meadery for a tasting

Explore the distinctive charm of our Meadery and uncover the exceptional world of mead. Combining the ancient art of Mead making with our innovative technology we present a uniquely diverse range of varieties, from our signature Melaurea Bubbly to our crisp Braggot Honey Lager.

Book a spot at our next scheduled tasting on Quicket or contact us directly to see our availability for private tastings!

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View Our Tasting Notes

To enhance your enjoyment of our mead, we’ve put together tasting notes for each of our beverages. In these notes you can expect to find flavour notes from our Mazer, the taste profile for each mead, which aromas you can expect on the nose and tips for pairing and serving.

Tasting Notes

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Meadery Location

Join us at the Cape farmhouse and Beer Garden

For a Mead Tasting Room Experience

Escape the ordinary and dive into a world of honeyed wonder at our Cape Point Mead Tasting experience. Unearth the history and flavours of mead, while surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of Cape Point.

Whether you’re a mead enthusiast or a curious traveller, we have something for everyone. Pair this with delicious food from the farmhouse and you will have yourself an exquisite outing.

With a spectacular setting on one of Cape Town’s most beautiful travel routes, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Please Note: Children friendly and no dogs allowed.

Sip and savour – Nectar of the Gods!

Pre-booking is required for groups larger of 10 people or more, please contact: 084 999 3056

Price: R100 – R120 per flight
Call: +27 84 999 3056
When: Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 8pm