Our products return mead to its ancient African roots

At The Cape Town Meadery our mazers have been hard at work reinvigorating humanity’s oldest beverage. Our products return mead to its ancient roots in Africa, while updating the experience for modern life.

In 2018, after two years of careful research, recipe development, experimental mead making and government applications, Cape Town’s first meadery was ready to reintroduce the world to it’s original celebration beverage. Melaurea, handcrafted in the authentic méthode traditionnelle style, is Africa’s first bottle-fermented mead.

Since the launch of our inaugral MCC, we have experimented with new recipes and styles and have expanded our product range to include traditional-style meads, our !Karri range, and the limited editions in our Reserve range.

Our mission

At the Cape Town Meadery, we take inspiration from the past whilst looking to the future. We aim to create a permanent space for Africa’s traditional celebration drink in its ancestral home, and believe the quality and unique flavours of pure African honey will speak for themselves.

This is why we refuse to use anything other than the finest organic honey, and never adulterate it with artificial additives or preservatives. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the natural flavors, so all we add to our honey is pure water, and champagne yeast.