Indicatør Range

Introducing IndicatØr pronounced – in.diˈkaː.tor. Inspired by the Greater Honeyguide (Indicator indicator) our new range is dedicated to the tale of a bird that facilitates the rare phenomenon of human and animal mutualism.

Many African tribes and honey-hunters summon this small bird using a unique call. The honeyguide, having answered, flies ahead in the direction of the largest beehive it could find to present it to the humans. Honeyguides have large olfactory glands allowing them to use smell as an advantage in locating hives. Upon finding, smoking out the bees and collecting the honey, hunters would gift their guide some leftover wax as a token of gratitude for its service.

This genuine evolutionary mutualism that evolved through natural selection is believed to have originated almost 2 million years ago, when humans first learned to control fire. However, our modern world no longer draws on such fine-tuned connections with nature, and the calls of The Greater Honeyguide continue to go unanswered.

Our range aims to highlight and personify the creativity and adaptability of the honeyguides. By showcasing the versatile nature of our traditional sweet mead, we present alongside it, a dry and a sharp spicy mead as well as a deliciously spiced Gluhwein.