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Our premium products turn into something extraordinary over time. Produced in limited numbers these delicious meads have an exceptional taste profile. Our flagship product is derived from the legend of the first meads being the tears of gods (representing wisdom). Melaurea is our company’s contemporary take on our civilisation’s most celebrated and ancient tradition or “Nectar of the Gods”.

Melaurea is a traditional dry Mead with a bubbly twist. Produced using honey, water and yeast and the age old Methode Champenoise. Secondary bottle fermented for 12 months. Often compared to the very best, old French Champagne in flavour profile. Distinct rich honey and herbaceous fynbos flavours with a light buttery smokiness and caressing warmth on the palate that comes with passing of time. The bottle fermentation gives beautiful depth on the nose and palate; with fine lingering bubbles adding finesse and subtle aromas. Delectable umami undertones.

ABV: 12 %, Volume: 750 ml, Sweetness: Brut

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Our reserve brut Pyment is a singular marriage of sustainably sourced African Wildflower Honey and ripe Chardonnay grapes, from the Stellenbosch region in South Africa. The honey and grapes are slowly fermented and barrel aged for 18 months in French Oak for its full bodied flavour, distinctive buttery taste and spicy undertones, with hints of vanilla and coconut. The Chemistry of Delight is the perfect balance of grapes and honey in the most unique way, luring even the most wooded chardonnay sceptics to this pyment. Suggested serving temperature is 12 to 14 dC.

ABV: 14 %, Volume: 750 ml, Sweetness: Dry

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Named from the Latin word for ‘hive’, Alvearium gin is double-distilled from pure mead, the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man- or woman- kind. Fermented from the finest African honey and with the utmost respect to bees, our production uses only a fifth of the water used in traditional gin making. Alvearium is distilled at the Cape Town Meadery with an uncompromising commitment to retaining the natural mead flavours.

Enjoy with a splash of soda or tonic. You’ll see why it’s called “Nectar of the Gods”.

ABV: 43 %, Volume: 500 ml

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Our Braggot Lager is a carefully crafted blend of selected honey, malted grain and oats, brewed to deliver a crisp and refreshing lager-style Braggot. One for the warmer climates on earth. A true triumph to modernise this middle-aged beer style into this easy drinking beverage for you to enjoy with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Sold in cases of 12 cans. The price stated is per case.

ABV: 4.5 %, Volume: 330ml, Sweetness; Dry

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